Core Story


Nothing sells faster than the compelling story of your business.

If you’re suffering from sluggish sales or having trouble talking to prospective customers about your business — start here.  Below is a free resource to help you sell more — faster, by creating your company’s core story.

Why Core Stories Are Important

1. What is a core story?

2. It’s easier to talk about your business if you have a core story

3. An example of a company with the wrong story

Create Your Core Story

1. How to create your core story: Part 1

2. How to create your core story: Part 2

Tips and Examples

1. How advantages fit into the benefit discussion

2. Meaningful difference makes a big difference

3. 12 common reasons to believe

4. Core Story Example: Lead Generation Letter

Nothing will grow your business faster than having a solid core story. Call us if you’d like to work together to create the compelling story of your business!