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Managing & Creative Director

There's no greater satisfaction than helping others. It's an incredible feeling to know you helped someone achieve something they value. It's the greatest professional accomplishment you can experience. ~Jim Logan

Before I began consulting and found b.relevant, I worked as a sales manager and executive in publicly and privately owned technology companies. During that time, I built and led teams that consistently exceeded sales quotas and revenue expectations. For the past 15 years, I’ve worked independently with companies of varying size and locale, helping them sell more of the things they have available to sell today.

My specialty is positioning complex products and services, making them easy to understand and attractive to targeted buyers. The thought that leads my approach to sales is that no one wants to own the things we have to offer — people simply want to buy the things we do for them. Our job as marketers and communicators is to translate the things we do into the language and story of the things we do for others.

Some things you may be interested to know

  • I’m married and have four kids – three boys, one girl
  • I live in Northern California
  • I’ve personally sold and led sales teams who have sold multi-million dollar technology solutions to some of the largest companies in the world
  • I started my traditional corporate life with the title Field Engineer.  I ended it with the title VP Worldwide Sales and Support
  • I have traveled all over the world on business – Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan, Guam, South Korea, Japan, Okinawa, China, UK, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Israel, and counting.
  • I coach youth soccer
  • At one point in my life, I owned a small manufacturing business
  • I’ve been an executive in both public and private companies
  • I served in the US Navy
  • I once worked at the White House and traveled with two US Presidents
  • I have traveled to every state in the United States except three – South Carolina, North Dakota and South Dakota

There’s more, but that’s everything that comes to mind and gives you a fair profile of who I am.


Jim is a goal-oriented, reliable and creative writer and editor with a lot of technology expertise and positive attitude. We’ve hired him for numerous projects over the years, and are always happy with the results. He’s friendly, responsive and open to suggestions. It is great working with him!


~Yuliya M., SoftServe, Inc.


I have worked with many business/marketing professionals, but none hold a candle to Jim’s skill level. Jim has a unique ability to synthesize complex, technical offerings and articulate a market identity and message that effectively communicates and creates interest in the offering.


~Richard Hall, LexTech


I have hired Jim Logan on and off through the years for different B2B marketing projects. Jim is the real deal when it comes to B2B marketing consulting. In our last engagement, he offered some ideas that led to a 28% increase in on-line leads for a very niche product…Besides being an easy person to work with, Jim is one of those people that will ‘go the extra mile’ to help you. If you’re looking for some new ideas or perspectives on your B2B marketing program, Jim is the guy to talk to.


~George, H., Data Machines, Inc.


Jim is detailed, informative and an expert in all things sales. If you’re in the market for a sales coach or business coach look no further. Hell, even if you’re not in the market do yourself a favor and just reach out to Jim and see what he can offer you.


~William D., Hybrid Racing